“Break free from chronic complex health conditions” 

My Story 

I've been there. 
I've had chronic ill health lasting for years and years (make that decades!) 
I've tried: 
Going back to the doctor again and again 
Seeing a myriad of "alternative" health practitioners such as chiroprators, nutritionists, acupuncturists, Functional Medicine doctors and more 
Taking a shedload of tests, both through the NHS and privately, to try and discern the root cause of my problems 
Following yet another diet/ plan/ programme in the quest for health, that involved strict dietary rules and a multitude of supplements 
None of these were necessarily bad options....but NONE of them made any real positive lasting impact on my health. 
Only just a relatively short time ago I had resigned myself to increasingly impaired health and even an early death. My body and brain felt as if they were closing down on me. Nothing worked as it should, and even stringing a sentence together was an enormous effort, let alone doing anything more in a day than the bare essentials-such as getting up and dressed. I was barely functioning. At that point death seemed like a welcome reprieve from my suffering. 
Unbeknown to me, my children, who by that time were young adults, were having discussions about my care when I inevitably soon became unable to care for myself. I wasn't yet 50, but my life felt like it was over. 
The breakthrough came unexpectedly........ 

Climbing out of the Hole 

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